Healing Session for Adults

Specialising in helping women on their life's journey

❈ Healing on a physical, spiritual, mental & emotional level
❈ Relationships, family & what really matters
❈ Life direction & finding you...
❈ Wellbeing & listening to your heart

During your session, I will utilise various techniques and abilities to enhance your overall healing. With my intuitive approach, I will work with you to transform your life, whilst helping you to gain clarity and insight into all areas. I can help you on a mental, physical, emotional and spiritual level, to help you resolves issues, improve self-esteem, to become healthier and tap into your true potential. I will help you to work on improving relationships with family and friends and to bring balance to your home and work life.

As an Intuitive Healer, I have the ability to tune into your physical, mental and emotional energy and am able to 'feel', 'see', 'hear' and 'experience' what you are going through. Using this ability, I feel and see the pain and discomfort inside the body and mind and also sense blocks that are causing suffering, then work on moving and releasing this energy along with whatever else is needed, to assist you in your healing.

I am also a fully qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist, so I am able to enhance your session using this natural and life changing approach for your overall healing, if you wish.

(Please see Testimonials Page to see what my clients have to say).

A Holistic session can help you with:-

Chronic and acute pain ❈ Improving Relationships ❈ Depression ❈ Better night's sleep ❈ Greater self-esteem and self-awareness ❈ Releasing negative thought patterns ❈ Improving concentration ❈ Gaining clarity and direction ❈ Restoring flow of energy ❈ Improving intuition ❈ Improving communication and coping skills ❈ Being happier ❈ Injuries ❈ Reducing stress and anxiety ❈ Headaches and migraines ❈ Phobias, fears and addictions ❈ Grief and loss ❈ Increased energy and vitality ❈ Gaining a new perspective on situations ❈ Enhancing memory ❈ Releasing blockages or negative patterns ❈ Resolving problems and conflicts ❈ Life guidance ❈ More confidence

To make a booking or for further information, please call Tracey at Life Unfolding on 0413 211 453

Intuitive Healing Session for Children

I love working with children to help uncover why certain things (physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually) are happening in their lives. Whether they are experiencing trouble sleeping, have physical or mental health issues, aches and pains or headaches. Perhaps they have gone off their food, not enjoying school or have trouble concentrating. There may be changes in their lives like starting kinder or school or moving house. They may be trying to cope with health issues on many different levels. Maybe you are going through divorce or separation, experiencing grief or have depression etc., and did not realise that these issues were affecting your child so much.

Our children take in more than we realise. During the session you stay in the room with your child. Some children like to bring a favourite toy to help them relax. I will talk to your child in a way that they can understand (and write more detailed notes for you to take home). Each child is unique so depending on your child, the session will last for approximately 1 hour.

A healing session can help Children with:-

Reducing stress and anxiety ❈ Behavioural issues ❈ Better sleep ❈ Changes (starting Kinder/School/family issues) ❈ Grief and loss ❈ All forms of pain, headaches etc. ❈ Increased energy and vitality ❈ Improved concentration ❈ Resolving problems and conflicts ❈ Better coping skills ❈ Being happier and more relaxed ❈ Mental and physical health issues ❈ Phobias and fears ❈ Depression, anxiety and tension ❈ Greater self-esteem and self-awareness ❈ Injuries ❈ Gaining a new perspective on situations ❈ Releasing blockages or negative patterns ❈ Improving their communication skills ❈ More confidence ❈ Life guidance

I run children's meditation & relaxation classes in schools and kindergartens as well as workshops and wellbeing days. I have been running classes and workshops for the past 12 years and really love watching the children grow as they learn new skills in a warm and friendly environment.

To make an appointment for your child, please contact Tracey on 0413 211 453.

For more information, please look up my Experience and Qualifications at the home page in the "About Me" section of the page.


My naturopath put me in touch with Tracey following multiple seemingly unresolvable health issues. Tracey was very welcoming and warm and I immediately felt at ease. Following the first session, most of my health issues have either resolved or bother me much less than before. Mentally, the work with Tracey helped me break past a lot of barriers and patterns that were unknowingly holding me back and I'm seeing a positive shift and have a sense of ease and lightness about my life. Tracey helped me work through the loss of a close family member through supported guidance and hypnotherapy. Working with Tracey has helped me find the strength within me to tackle life's challenges and I'm grateful. This has been one of the best steps I've taken towards my health and won't look back from here. Thank you Tracey!


Tracey's healing work is powerful and life-changing. I found Tracey at a time in my life that I felt utterly hopeless. After her work with me, my depression lifted. Tracey is a wonderfully intuitive healer and I highly recommend her. Tracey has the skills and capability to resolve any kind of problem, be it relationships, painful issues or events. I will always be grateful for Tracey's help, and continue to be awed at the changes I have seen in my life.


I have been seeing Tracey at 'Life Unfolding' regularly for at least 5 years although it feels like I've known her forever. She is warm, understanding and compassionate. She has helped me through some very difficult times in my life including stress at work, breast cancer and redundancy. Recently she has helped me with 'reinventing myself' and has encouraged me to explore new avenues and options. I sometimes find it difficult to articulate exactly what it is that Tracey does...I just know that it works!


I see Tracey regularly to help clear any negative and limiting beliefs that make life uncomfortable and more difficult than it needs to be. I always leave my sessions feeling lighter and more balanced and Tracey's abilities to really see into you, means that healing easily takes place. She is a wonderful listener and is full of compassion for whatever situation you may find yourself struggling with.


I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Tracey 5 years ago and the difference she has made to my life and those around me has been unbelievable. With Tracey's help and guidance, I have been able to rid myself of past hurts and emotional baggage that was weighing me down and free myself from unhealthy situations and relationships that were having a negative effect on my health. I now feel that I am living the life I was meant to live.

Tracey's unique energy healing techniques and crystal therapy have also often helped me to overcome any physical as well as emotional problems I may be experiencing and I often find a healing session with her more beneficial than other traditional medicines or treatments.

I regularly visit Tracey and really look forward to every appointment. She really does take care of your mind, body and spirit and it is nice to have a session with someone who will listen without judgement. Her nurturing nature, guidance and counselling leave me feeling energised, grounded and centred. They say that we all have a guardian angel and I truly believe that I have found mine in Tracey.


My Son Pierre was having school difficulties with fellow students and he refused to attend school, so I brought Pierre to see Tracey. She was highly recommended within our community. On our first consultation Pierre confided in Tracey and opened up comfortably, he developed a friendly and fun relationship with her. With one session, Tracey equipped Pierre with confidence and skills to tackle his school issues, he confidently returned to school happily. He then continued to see Tracey, gaining valuable skills which helped him immensely as he continued to flourish in his personal life and school.


My children have visited Tracey to receive her healings and really enjoy their time with her. They respond to her friendliness and generosity of spirit which makes the whole experience easy and pleasurable for them.


For a moment... simply close your eyes and allow yourself to imagine how you would love your life to be...
I can help you get there.