House, Business Clearings & Blessings

A space clearing + blessing ceremony allows you to acknowledge, honour and clear energy, so that you are able to start fresh to bring balance and harmony into your home and bring into alignment your hopes and dreams for your future.

Before the ceremony I will talk to you about things that need to be done to prepare the home for this special time.

I will have you find a photo of the family (or the people that live in the home), have you gather special intent messages from each person for the clearing. I will also ask you to collect nature items from your garden (flowers, leaves, branches, stones etc) and then have a tray to place your specially chosen items on in readiness for the ceremony. This is a really beautiful part of the process and it helps set the intention.

Together we will find the central heart space in the home, the place you feel we can honour your family or people who live there. You are a big part of this ceremony and you will also go through a clearing and have a new beginning. It’s transformational on so many levels.

I sometimes get people to write notes as we go through the home that I get from spirit. Our homes hold so many memories and experiences and sometimes it just gets too much. You may feel uncomfortable in certain rooms or you find that there is a lot of drama or disharmony going on.

I will bring all my treasures to ensure a life changing experience and you will receive some specially chosen crystals as a gift to the home. The ceremony will take approximately 90 minutes (but this can vary).

To make an appointment or if you have any queries, please contact Tracey Tucker on 0413 211 453.
*All sessions are strictly confidential.