Tracey Tucker

Services Include:

Spiritual & Intuitive Energy Healing

Home & Business Clearings

Relaxation & Meditation Workshops Adult & Children

About Tracey - Welcome to Life Unfolding

For the past 19 years Tracey has studied and practised various forms of meditation, self development and healing to help clients (both adult and children) gain health and to find clarity and fulfillment in their lives. This has introduced her to a wide range of mainstream and alternative techniques which are used regularly in her Healing practice, Home and Business Clearings and Meditation classes. Tracey regularly practises meditation herself, to enhance the overall health of her body and mind, bringing clarity on every level.

Tracey is passionate about her work and through her inspirational and intuitive approach to healing, assists clients to transform their lives and to be truly happy (please refer to Healings, Meditation and Clearings Testimonials). With Tracey's guidance and support, you are empowered and given tools to regain control of your health, happiness and wellbeing and to move forward with confidence. Tracey's focus is on your physical, mental and emotional health and spiritual balance and the harmony that is possible in your life.

Tracey utilises various techniques and abilities to enhance your healing. Sessions may include: meditation techniques, visualisation, goal setting, relaxation techniques, information received from her Guides or those of the client and the use of crystals and essences. Tracey will also work with you to gain clarity and insight into all areas of your life. In a caring and understanding way, Tracey will help you work on improving relationships with family and friends and to bring balance to your home and work life. Please also refer to Healings for Children.

Tracey is a gifted Intuitive Energy Healer - she tunes into a client's physical, mental and emotional energy and is able to 'feel', 'see', 'hear' and 'experience' what the client is going through. Using this ability, she feels and sees the pain and discomfort inside the client's body and senses blocks that are causing suffering. Tracey then works on moving and releasing this energy to assist her clients in their healing.

Tracey previously ran the successful "Wriggling Butterflies" Children's Relaxation meditation classes in Templestowe as well as children's workshops. These classes are run on an 'as requested' basis.

To make a booking or for further information, please call

Tracey at Life Unfolding on 0413 211 453
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